5 in 1 Snap Beads Farm Animals


$ 32.99 

  • ADORABLE ANIMAL MANIPULATION TOYS – Discover the adorable Jojo the rabbit and his friends! Open and mix them up, and plunge your child into an imagination-prompting universe.
  • DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR TOYS ANYMORE! Lalaboom is the only toy that develops every step of the way with your child from the age of 10 months to 4 years. From the discovery of textures and colors to the full development of fine motor skills (clipping, screwing and mixing). Contains: 3 large beads (5 cm in diameter).
  • DESIGN, QUALITY AND SAFETY – Durable, unbreakable and easy to wash – Dishwasher-safe – Patented model with a French design – BPA (Bisphenol)-free flexible material – Lalaboom has received more than 25 awards from toy and early childhood professionals around the world, including the Grand Prix du Jouet and the Parents en France Prize.
  • COUNTLESS BENEFITS – The Montessori method-inspired Lalaboom beads promote sensory discovery, fine motor skills, visual acuity, dexterity, concentration, hand-eye coordination, logic, creativity, and more!
  • A SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE CONCEPT – Lalaboom toys offer a long-lasting alternative to toy overconsumption so you can rest assured on having made a well-informed and eco-friendly purchase.
  • A SWEET AND PLAYFUL UNIVERSE. With Jojo the rabbit and his friends, children will tirelessly discover new functions from the age of 10 months to 4 years and up. Lalaboom is the only toy that covers children’s motor and cognitive skill development, step by step. EVOLVING.
  • Large beads to screw, clip, assemble and tie together to create a multitude of colorful and varied combinations and shapes.
  • From 10 MONTHS onwards, sensory discoveries are on the menu, thanks to the different textures and colors of the beads.
  • At 15 MONTHS, children will begin to learn how to open and close the beads.
  • By 18 MONTHS, they will be able to mix the beads together. –
  • When they reach 24 MONTHS, it’s time to start building things! Children can create strings of beads and explore their creativity.
  • By the time children reach 36 MONTHS, they will be able to invent stories – thanks to the animals – and stimulate their imagination, whilst also trying their hand at lacing with the lacing stick; a step in the right direction as far as learning to write is concerned. USEFUL, LONG-LASTING TOYS.
  • Lalaboom promotes well-informed consumer choices and shows children that a single toy can have many a surprise in store for them that they will gradually discover as they grow up. CONTAINS: 11 large beads (5 cm in diameter), 2 accessories and a flexible lacing stick.