Blowfish Blowup-Cuidado con el Pez (SPANISH version)


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Will a player's hand make the fish inflate? This SPANISH version fun game combines fun and easy gameplay with a fun and exciting reward! Try not to scare this puffer fish that has collected all kinds of special treasures. Reach inside the fish tank the treasures but be careful! If a player takes one of the other treasures, the puffer fish could suddenly expand, ejecting them from the game! The only player who does not inflate the puffer fish wins. In the Advanced Game option, players count the amount of points for each of their treasures, and the player with the most points wins.

Toy Expert Advise

"This product encourage fine motor skills, concentration , attention,color recognition and hand-motor coordination. "

Toy Expert : Dr J.B



Manufactured in CHINA
Recommended Minimum Age 4
Dimension of package 27x27x8cm
Weight 896g