Learn to Read


$ 29.99 

This is a great little tool to add some hands-on reading practice to your reading program. While not a reading program itself, a child can work on their letter recognition, spelling, first words and expanding their vocabulary with the learning cards and plastic letter tiles. There are 15 cards in 3 levels: copy the word, find the missing letter, and spell the word. Choose a card and place it opposite the tiles. The cards include cues for the child to work out the correct answers – color coded letters and self-correcting pegs on the back of the letters. The letter tiles are grouped into 5 colors, but not by sounds or shapes. I love how this set is contained in what looks like a little plastic briefcase, holding the tiles securely in place. Use this as an activity for the younger children, while you also work with older siblings. It would be nice for a learning center activity too. Grandparents can keep one for learning play time.