Marble Run


$ 14.99 

The Marble Run constructor is an unusual toy - a slide-track along which balls roll. Having assembled the designer correctly, the balls will roll down the hill. The peculiarity of the constructor is that all the details fit together, and even if you have many different other constructors, you can assemble one large constructor from them.

The constructor is suitable for all children, regardless of gender and age. It trains children to be diligent and attentive, and the toy also improves memory, logic, modeling skills and develops imagination. It has a positive effect on physiological and psychological development.

Assembly of the designer by the whole family will strengthen the relationship between parents and the child and, of course, leave pleasant memories.

Such a constructor can be an excellent gift for a child from 3 years old: an excellent gift for children, which will be remembered for a long collection of toys and subsequent games with a track, a beautiful cardboard box, an unusual labyrinth constructor are also included.