Mix-Ins Slime (Assortment)


$ 8.99 

  • MIX AND SEE THE MAGIC. Remove your pre-made slime from the storage container and start converting it into a colorful, bumpy, and squishy masterpiece with some sparkly confetti thrown in for good measure.
  • THERAPEUTIC VALUES. Squishing and squeezing activities have a soothing impact that reduces tension and improves fine motor abilities. Boredom is quite easy to come by in children aged three and up. Why not study while having a good time? Keep them occupied with our slime selection and teach them to be inventive! Use our slime to keep your kids away from their iPads and cellphones for a while.
  • VARIETY USES SLIME KIT. Arts and crafts, slime scrapbooks, school projects, children's and adult coloring books, party invitations, and greeting cards are just a few of the items available. Uses are endless!
  • SLIME KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES. Coordination of the hands, eyes, and brain should be practiced by the children. Develop the children's creativity and imagination as well. Slime-making kits are ideal for kids' DIY projects and fulfill all of the requirements of hobbyists.
  • PERFECT PRESENT. Keep the smile on your kid's face by giving them this as perfect gift on their special day or for no reason at all!