Monopoly Gamer-Mario Kart (SPANISH version)


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This sequel to the board game Monopoly Gamer joins forces with the characters and elements of Nintendo's Mario Kart. Move around the board like Mario, Peach, Luigi or Toad; buy properties of the iconic Mario Kart, such as Bowser Castle and the Rainbow Trail. Pass the Exit to start a Mario Kart Cup race, dodge banana peel tokens, throw out shells and collect coins. The Superstar box activates special abilities, and casting the power dice gives a special boost. In this game, victory is about winning races! Who will end the coveted Grand Prix card? And when the final race is over, the highest-scoring player will win.

Toy Expert Advise

"This product encourage fine motor skills, concentration , attention and problem solving. "

Toy Expert : Dr J.B



Manufactured in CHINA
Recommended Minimum Age 8
Dimension of package 40x27x4cm
Weight 826g