Monopoly Gamer Sonic The Hedgehog - (SPANISH version)


$ 29.99 

(SPANISH version) Sonic The Hedgehog takes the property-trading game Monopoly in a new direction thanks to the introduction of characters from Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog games!Move around the game board as Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles; buy iconic Sonic locations such as Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run while dropping and collecting rings on board spaces, earning Chaos Emeralds and Chao tokens. Each Sonic game token has special powers and abilities to use during the gameplay. Pass Go to trigger a boss fight in which players compete for Chaos Emeralds — and having more Emeralds means it will be easier to beat Dr. Eggman!

Toy Expert Advise

"This product encourage fine motor skills, concentration , attention and problem solving. "

Toy Expert : Dr J.B