Potato Train - Mr. Potato Head Mash Mobiles


$ 19.99 

With the Mr. Potato Head Mash Mobiles Potato Train toy, little ones can switch from figure play to vehicle play, and swap out pieces to create a tater train, a truck, and other wacky creations they can imagine! Dual-purpose pieces include a camera accessory that can be a smokestack, a backpack that can become a train car, and a hat that can become a cow-catcher on the front of the train. The set includes a mini-scale potato body that kids can make into a pet dog and imagine him going for a ride.

Mr. Potato Head and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

" Includes 1 large potato body, 1 small potato body, 1 large base, 1 small base, and 24 accessories.

" FIGURE AND VEHICLE PLAY: Kids can have so much fun with this toy that they can change from a Mr. Potato Head figure into a train or a truck, or their own creation

" DUAL PURPOSE PIECES: Dual-purpose parts and pieces inspire creativity and encourage kids to use their imaginations

" ENDLESS CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: The Mr. Potato Head Potato Train toy includes 28 pieces to mix and mash

" ANY WAY IS OKAY: The wackier the better; there is no wrong way to play when mixing and mashing parts with the Mr. Potato Head Potato Train toy.

" LOVED FOR GENERATIONS: The Mr. Potato Head character is a classic toy for kids. The toys make great birthday gifts and holiday gifts for both boys and girls

" Figure scale: 5.5 inches and 2 inches