My First Toys To Connnect


$ 43.99 

Lalaboom beads offer children the opportunity to discover and develop their skills step by step.

Large beads to screw, clip, assemble and lace that allow you to build a multitude of combinations and multicolored and varied shapes.

- At 10 months, make way for sensory discoveries and the development of visual acuity thanks to the different textures and colors of the beads, which your child starts to assemble - At 15 months, your child opens and closes the beads.

- At 18 months, the child can mix the beads together and create many combinations - At 24 months, it´s time to build! Your child can create long strings of beads and explore their creativity - At around 36 months, children can lace the beads with the included tutor.

First steps towards learning to write! This complete set allows the creation of many flying, rolling, different objects and gives free rein to the imagination of children.

Durable, Lalaboom beads promote responsible consumption and show children that a single toy can contain many possibilities that they will discover as they grow up.

Contains 21 pieces including 1 cube, 1 rain stick, 2 flexible links, 2 spinning wheels and 6 beads Diameter of the beads of 5 cm.