Osmo Genius Kit


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OSMO is a " MUST " that your kid should have . Why is that? Well  my friends of Osmos bring us an educational hi tech plataform where your kid will learn while playing . Using  and Ipad , apps and few tools there is a virtual reality interaction that will bring  to another level your kid educational experience.  

The Genius Kit includes: 

1) A base  made for  Ipad 2, Air, Air 2, Mini and  Ipad 3rd & 4th generation

2) Reflector

3) Three Modules with pieces ( Tangram, Words, Numbers)

4) Five Apps  ( Newton, Words, Tangram, Masterpiece, Numbers) 

Intended for kids : 6+

Who can use it?

1) Any kid, teachers, home schoolers, psychologist and neuropsycologist , occupational and speech therapy.

What are the benefits? 

1) Improves mathematical skills and enrich vocabulary ( can be use for spanish speakers) [Words & Numbers apps]

2) Improves visual spatial perception and hand-ey e coordination [Tangram & Masterpice apps]

3) Stimulate  logic reasoning and problem solving [ Newton & Tangram apps]

4) Encourage creativity [Masterpice & Newton apps]