Paseo de Colores


$ 16.00 

Paseo de Colores is a fun and colorful boardbook with a Puerto Rican twist. Children of all ages will learn the colors while taking a road trip around the island. They will discover iconic places, events and objects that are part of the colorful and wonderful culture of Puerto Rico!

  • Size  7.25×7.25 in, 18.4×18.4 cm
  • Board Book
  • 26 Pages
  • Language Spanish & English 
  • Puerto Rico Children's Book

Toy Expert Advise

"This bilingual product encourage the kids to learn the colors  and about the puertorican culture."

Toy Expert : Dr J.B


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Manufactured in China 
Recommended Minimum Age 3
Dimension of package 18.4x18.4cm
Weight 341g