Robotics Smart Machines 5-in-1 Buildable Drone with HD Camera


$ 189.99 

A fully-functional drone with a built-in HD camera built by YOU!

Follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions to assemble the 110 high-quality pieces, then download the free app to take control and send your drone soaring.

Through the app, you can fly with the remote-control interface while capturing high-definition photos and videos. Or, you can write programs for your drone using the easy, visual programming language.

Then, ready for even more engineering excitement? Kids can take the drone apart and rebuild it into four more fascinating machines!

Create a driveable camera car, a 360-degree camera for filming everything around you, a turntable camera for capturing rotating shots, or a hands-free camera that snaps a picture with a simple voice command.

With the Robotics Smart Machines 5-in-1 Buildable Drone with HD Camera, kids get to experience the incredible engineering behind great cinematography!

Robotics - Smart Machines 5-in-1 Buildable Drone with HD Camera
  • Kit for building a drone with a mounted camera, plus 4 more video robots
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, STEM skills, creativity
  • Control drone with free app
  • Fly freely with remote-control interface, or write a program with the visual programming language
  • Rebuilds into a camera car, 360-degree camera, turntable camera, hands-free camera
  • Livestream and record HD video and take 4K photos
  • 110 pieces - Includes camera and USB charger
  • 24-page instruction manual included
  • No batteries required
  • High-quality materials and construction