Sleepy Pod with FUR BABY: NENIA


$ 17.99 

Adopt a cute Fur Baby today! Fur Baby eyes can wiggle and ears can waggle! The Dreamstars Fur Babies with Sleepy Pods have their own unique style and special place within Fur Baby World. The Fur Babies nurture and protect the Dream Tree and at night they snuggle into their Sleepy Pods and close the leaf door to stay cozy and warm. Soft and squashy, the Sleepy Pods have a hanging stalk so you can hang them on the Dream Tree or anywhere you wish.
  • Eyes can wiggle and ears can waggle!
  • Includes a Dreamstars Fur Baby with a sleepy pod!
  • Sleepy pod has a leaf door and a hanging stalk.

4.72 x 7.48 x 0.39 Inches