True Balance Junior


$ 22.99 

The unpredictably fun coordination game
  •  Easy and fun: fun game that brings the family together and is an exceptional no-screen game option. Have you ended up balancing one side? Try balancing face down. It is an exciting balance toy that challenges children, students, and entire families
  • Stimulating Toy: TrueBalance is the unpredictably fun focus and coordination game for your kids, students, the whole family. The TrueBalance helps children and adults improve their fine motor skills, increase concentration, and develop stronger critical thinking skills.
  • Sensory toy: stimulate your senses by improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This coordination balancing game relieves stress by requiring focus and attention. TrueBalance is ideal for autistic or autistic children and other young children who need help with hand-eye, sensory, and / or fine motor coordination
  • Award Winner: Winner of the Creative Toy of the Year 2018, it will meet your needs for both entertainment and education. Developed in cooperation with professionals and physical therapists.